About Us

Hi Friends, welcome To TLC ( Not that TLC, although I can’t deny Dr. Pimple Popper or 90 Day Fiance is some of the Television dumpster fire that I am guilty of watching).
I have been meaning to write an about us section for what feel like forever but I always have the “what do I write that people will actually read” moment. (Funny, since I freelanced as a Ghost writer for bloggers for many years)
My journey as an artist started as when I was knee high, drawing and painting for the pure joy of it. I have always loved art, from paintings to drawings, sculptures and photography there is so much beauty to be created. I started this business as a way to make income while I was on maternity leave from the corporate job, working as a suite I lost my time and drive to be creative. The blessing of maternity leave was I was left with so much free time (while my little was napping) to be able to pursue my creative passions. I took several courses on different finishes and techniques and even more on proper restoration of antique pieces, which it lead me to teaching my own techniques and artistry to other artists. I have been featured on several blogs and websites and have had pieces with over 200k views.
Each piece I create, restore or design is special to me, I love hearing the history my clients have behind their furniture., to some it may just be an old wooden toy box but to others it is a legacy piece, made by great grandpa, and passed down to each generation.
I absolutely love when I get to hand paint designs and let my creativity fly. So whether you are in the market for something big or little, restored and re-loved I am your gal!
Much Love;